Healthier Bride

Wedding preparation could be a challenging time. 
My tailored approach will help you break through the overwhelm (sometimes shutdown) that often follows once you realize you are getting married. 


My customized nutrition, wellness, and fitness program will ensure you meet your weight-loss goals in time for the big day.  Learn to nourish yourself from the inside to unveil a fresh new figure, glow and calm ‘you’ on the outside. Centered, present, and picture-perfect…

Set the tone for your married days!

Healthier Bride program services include:

  • Health & lifestyle analysis: a deep look at your overall well being, concerns, goals, and stress management.

  • Personalized nutrition education and support       (food, digestion, metabolism, gut & immune health).

  • Easy-to-follow meal(s) guide & grocery list (and meal service suggestions).

  • Supplement and health product recommendations.

  • Self-care & healthy habit-forming techniques.

  • Support and accountability between sessions 

(approx.. 1-hour in length, in person, by phone or Facetime).