Healthier Mom

Whether you’re a soon-to be mom, new mom, or finally done with your childbearing years mom, this program is geared to bring nutrition, wellness, and fitness into focus in a way that is right for you. 

As you transition back to your pre-baby figure, I will
give you the knowledge, tools, and support to reach your personal goals and make them last.

*If you're currently pregnant, maintaining a good diet and lifestyle is critical to your current & postpartum health, not to mention your baby's.

Healthier Mom program services include:

(approx.. 1-hour in length, in person, by phone or Facetime).

  • Health & lifestyle analysis: a deep look at your overall well being, concerns, goals, and stress management.

  • Personalized nutrition education and support. (food,digestion, metabolism, gut & immune health)

  • Easy-to-follow meal(s) guide & grocery list (and meal service suggestions).

  • Supplement and health product recommendations.

  • Self-care & healthy habit-forming techniques.

  • Support and accountability between sessions.