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Healthier You

Getting healthier is individualistic – it’s different for each person.  My approach is compassionate and customized to meet you where you are at. I truly thrive on helping clients find and regain their motivation to get back to that slimmer figure or simply healthier self.


Through personalized nutrition, wellness, and fitness plan, you will reach your goal(s) and discover new ones as we build the right habits and knowledge base to live a healthier, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Healthier You program services include:

(minimum of 4 sessions – approx.. 1-hour in length,
in person, by phone or Facetime).


  • Health & lifestyle analysis: a deep look at your overall well being, concerns, goals, and stress management.

  • Personalized nutrition counseling and support. Education regarding digestion, metabolism, gut & immune health.

  • Easy-to-follow meal planning & grocery list (and meal service suggestions).Supplement and health product recommendations.

  • Goal attainment and maintenance.Self-care & healthy habit-forming techniques.

  • Support and accountability between sessions.