One-on-one Personal Training

Getting healthier is different for each person.  My approach is practical and customized to meet you where you are at. I help clients find or regain their motivation to get healthier and do so in a way that creates lasting change.


Through a personalized fitness routine and nutrition plan, you will reach your goal(s) as we build physical endurance, better habits and grow your food knowledge to live a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Sessions include (approx. 1 hour):

  • 45 mins interval training tailored and adjusted to your style of exercise and fitness level.

  • 30 min. initial health/nutrition consult (10-15 mins in subsequent sessions).

  • Personalized nutrition education (food, digestion, metabolism, gut & immune health).

  • Easy-to-follow meal(s) guide, grocery list, & recipes.

  • Supplement and health product recommendations.

  • Self-care & healthy habit-forming techniques.

  • Support and accountability between sessions.

Prices start at $60/session

(based upon location preference &  package selection)

Sofia Sarria exercising