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Personalized Group Training

Exercising is easier when you do it together! Whether you're looking to tone, build endurance or just sweat it out, I have you covered. 

Grab your significant other, friend or crew and see how you can build a new, lasting exercise routine with the support of others.

Class size options & locations:

Group Training (3-5ppl) - In YOUR Home;

Personal Training for 2 - In YOUR Home;

Personal Training for 2 - Brickell Gym

(prices vary by group size & location preference)

Group Sessions (approx. 50 mins.) include:​​​

  • Personalized active warm-up, workout, and cool-down stretch (tailored to your group with modifications provided for injuries).

  • Nutrition packet:

    • Easy-to-follow meal(s) guide, grocery list, & recipes.

    • Supplement and health product recommendations.


Outdoor Yoga Class
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