Healthier Together

Nutrition Coaching for Couples

Learn side-by-side what it means to be healthier and put an end to the endless, nutritional household debate of “I heard this”…“but I read that.” 

As couples, when you get on the same page on the matter of food and lifestyle, it sets the foundation for creating lasting change and improvement in all areas of your relationship and health.

As your coach, I will:

  • Identify nutritional red flags for each one and help you understand what foods to embrace, reduce and avoid as it relates to your health goals (as well as digestion, metabolism, gut & immune health).

  • Mediate and provide guidance for each one of your concerns and/or challenges.

  • Present grocery list, meal options and meal service suggestions.

  • Impart a better understanding of health supplements.

  • Assess kitchen (products, storage, etc.).

  • Teach you how you can inspire one another as well as hold each other accountable in a manner that remains supportive and breeds sustainable health for you both.